Impossible is nothing

Tzveta Dinova has a portfolio career and works with a wide range of organisations as a digital design educator. She is a passionate and frequent traveller who is on a continuous quest to learn more about herself and the world around her. In the summer you can find her enjoying the sun and a good book around Hampstead Heath.

My journey with Onpartu started...

My journey with Onpartu started over two years ago, when Paulina got in touch with me to help with recruiting other Bulgarians to the programme. I have been involved ever since, because I think it is a great cause, and I am really working with the whole team. I just love being part of Onpartu.

Getting involved meant...

Recognising that I am also an immigrant, and have been very fortunate to have a good education in the UK, and to have great job opportunities. I wanted to contribute something back to those who were not necessarily in the same position. Getting involved with Onpartu meant reconnecting with my background, and ultimately who I am.

My Onpartu role is...

I act as a creative lead. I try to help with whatever I can, but my main job is to look at anything that is related to design, such as: branding, graphics, photography, and video content. These are the superpowers I use, and I am happy to use them with Onpartu.

In my day job, I am responsible for ...

Creating engaging curriculums for young children, in order to make them learn through play. I work with start-ups, and I love working with young people and people who are trying to change their lives to move towards a more positive attitude.

Volunteering with Onpartu provides...

You don’t need any special skills to volunteer with Onpartu, all you need is passion to help, and a sense of humour.

My biggest learning so far...

I learnt that confidence is the most important thing, and to a certain extent, everyone lacks this. I also learned that impossible is nothing, you just have to go and fight for your dreams, be confident in who you are, and what you can contribute to society.

My most memorable Onpartu moment...

The graduation of the first cohort in 2015, and how emotional everyone was. You could really see the change in the women who took part in the very first programme, how happy everyone was, and how the whole team had bonded over the experience.

Talent is...

Dedication to follow your dreams and to believe you can do anything you want to in life.

Join Onpartu because...

It is fun, and is a great environment. Ultimately you will be helping yourself, as well as helping others achieve what they always have dreamed of.

Our "Onpartu+I" series shares stories of people working behind the scenes.

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