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How to make a leap from an unfulfilling job

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your job? In need of a change but not sure how to achieve your dreams? Perhaps you aren’t even clear on what those dreams are yet!

Two years ago I quit my career as a lawyer and took a leap into the unknown... At the time, some people thought I was crazy. To me, it just felt right.

Now I’m a Lifestyle Coach, helping ambitious women free themselves from unfulfilling careers. I work remotely , splitting my time between Bali the UK and travelling wherever my soul takes me.

I realise now that I was living and working in accordance with society’s version of success. I believed that having a “successful” career meant long hours and a lack of enjoyment and fulfilment. Unwilling to settle for this any longer, I decided to define and live out my own version of success.

Success, freedom and purpose are different for every woman but change is possible for anyone who feels stuck and unfulfilled in their career! So how do you go about it? I’ve created the framework below to help you.

MINDSET – Get out of your own way

Deal with any limiting beliefs you’re imposing on yourself: fear of the unknown, fear of failure and worrying about what others will think etc.

Two tips to manage these limitations:

  • Write down all of the times you have succeeded. It doesn’t have to be in a work context. I bet you create a long list. You clearly have the capability to succeed. What was your key to success in each of those things?

  • Absorb yourself with inspiration from others and reduce negative chatter around you. Read biographies, listen to inspirational podcasts, join Facebook groups with people on the same journey.

YOU – Get clear on your passions, values and skills

Many women who feel unfulfilled know that they don’t want to settle anymore but are uncertain what an alternative looks like. Often they’ve lost touch with who they are. Self discovery is critical to getting clear on your passions and purpose.

  • What are you passionate about - not just in work but in life?

  • What do you value most? For me my core value was freedom. For you this may be money, family, helping other people etc.

  • Understand your strengths. Map these carefully against passions and values – avoid going into something only because you’re good at it.

Once you get clear on your skills, passions and values, you can start to shape the life you want to live.

TAKE ACTION – Make your passions and vision a reality

Work backwards from the life you’ve painted for yourself. What action do you need to take to get there? Create a plan and get to action. It may be a longer-term plan, but what small step could you take every day to bring you closer to it?

My leap isn’t specific to the legal world or the coaching industry. I invite every woman to think about what “success” means to her and to know that it’s OK to walk away from something that doesn’t allow you to shine your brightest.

This philosophy fits perfectly with the work of Onpartu, a social enterprise I got to know through my volunteering work. Onpartu’s goal is to support as many women as possible to reach opportunities that match their experience and fulfil their potential – whether that be in their current role or taking the leap into a new setting! Take the first step on your journey of change by learning more about the programme here.

Onpartu Flagship Programme Recruitment Flyer 2018

Please note a longer version of this blog post originally appeared on on June 15, 2017.

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