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Ready to Apply? 

If you are a foreign-born woman, with a right to work in the UK, fluent in English and you find Onpartu’s programmes useful to you, please apply, we would love to hear from you.

What is best for me: the Flagship or the Modular Programme?

This is a sensible question. We have no doubt that you will benefit from both programmes, yet one may be more attuned to your current needs.

If you need to develop a professional network, invest time in setting goals, reorient your career, develop job search skills, and learn how to network then the Flagship Programme is the most suitable offering for you.

If instead you are looking for a shorter, more targeted help with your job search and you feel you already have a professional network and are confident about the career path you are on, then the modular programmes are most suitable for you.
Applicant process for the Modular Programme
Please express your interest by emailing Please let us know how you heard about the Modular Programme and include your current CV.
Application process for the Flagship Programme
1. Please email your application to mentioning how you heard about Onpartu and include the following:
  • CV
  • Cover Letter explaining why you are interested in participating in the programme and what makes you a suitable candidate 
2. First priority application deadline is on January 27th. UPDATE: Our second and final deadline is on February 11th.
3. First round Skype interviews will start on January 29th.
4. Second round face-to-face interviews will start on February 15th.
Missed the deadline? Drop us a note here to learn about the next edition of our Flagship Programme.

Learn more about the Flagship Programme from our 2015 Onpartners

Applications for our 2016 cohort are now open


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