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Build on your home country experience and get UK job market ready

Onpartu programmes are intended to equip you, foreign-born woman, with the tools to search and find jobs. You will find Onpartu helpful whether you intend to change jobs, restart your home career in the UK, or grow in your current job.

Our programmes, both the Modular and the Flagship Programme, are not typical training classes and are tailored to improving your professional life. You will also be joining a community of men and women who share a vision that when global women achieve their full potential, they fuel growth and enrich their communities.
Modular Programmes
Modular Programmes 
Through our own migrant journey, community and experience at Onpartu, we have learned that one of the main barriers that migrant women face in finding suitable jobs in the UK is down to outdated job search skills.

This is why we have developed modular programmes that focus on the key basics. These sessions are a combination of individual online learning and group workshops, in which you will invest approximately 8 hours per module.

You will complete individual online learning through engaging and practical videos that you can take at your own pace and revisit any time you want.

Once you have made good progress on your own, you will join a face-to-face workshop where you will receive expert advice and peer-to-peer support. At the end of each workshop you will have a clear result to take home, e.g. a new CV.

Access the first modular programme free of charge here – Writing a winning CV. Once you have revamped your CV but have some outstanding questions or wish to receive personalised feedback, please sign up to our upcoming live CV webinar.

We will be launching more modular programmes to support you in your career progression. If you are interested in joining our unique transformational CV, cover letter writing or interviewing practice workshop, please express your interest here.
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Flagship Programme
Flagship Programme
Looking for a job can be daunting. It can feel even harder after applying for many jobs and not getting interviews or just getting rejection after rejection. This may understandably affect one's confidence, especially when not having a professional network to call on for quality and accurate advice or effective introductions.

If the above sounds familiar, then the Flagship Programme is for you. This 5-month programme will give you the tools and structure for you to make a change in your circumstances. At the end of the programme you will have developed:

1.    Job search skills
2.    Confidence in your own potential
3.    Networking skills
4.    Project coordination and management skills (PM)

Learning to change job search habits or refocusing your career in a new country takes time. Our holistic 5-month programme consists of the following components:


For more information on the schedule structure please refer to our programme timeline section below.

Job Readiness Training

In these face-to-face interactive workshops  you will reflect, plan and execute successful job search by setting ambitious but realistic goals, revamping your CV, acquiring storytelling skills, practicing interviews and receiving constructive feedback. 
You will also learn how networking is fundamental to securing jobs in modern Britain and apply your newly gained knowledge to establish relevant contacts among Onpartu's community members  and beyond. 

Project Management Skills

This part of the programme will give you a relevant and meaningful UK-based work experience that will strengthen your CV, job applications and interviews.
As you manage a real-life project you will learn about the significance of each stage, the tried and tested tools project managers use and the ways of avoiding common pitfalls. You will be using the widely recognised Project Management Institute methodology, PMI (r) Framework, introduced during our face-to-face workshops.
The short real-life project that you will be working on will be either of your choice with your current employer or assigned to you in collaboration with Onpartu. Additional expert advice will be available to support your learning and successful delivery of the project. The project management skills you will gain are a key part to enabling you to be more attractive to employers.
Not sure if project management is for you? Read a blog post from our last PM panel event here

The mentoring component includes a one-to-one session with a mentor every two weeks where participants can seek support and advice on any programme-related topic. 


Our mentors are professionals with over 5 years work experience who will on a bi-weekly basis encourage you to challenge your assumptions, broaden your horizons, raise your aspirations and achieve your goals. They are a sounding board, offering guidance during your transition to a more fulfilling career, and the go-to person when you require assistance with any material covered in your training sessions.


Meet some of our mentors:

Ben Prouty 
Jolanta Touzard 

Ben is the CEO and Co-founder of Shepper. Prior to starting Shepper, Ben was part of the early start-up teams at Streetcar (now Zipcar) and LOVESPACE.


Ben holds degrees from UCL and Imperial College London and more recently completed his MBA at University of Oxford. Having grown up living in a number of countries including Belgium and Germany, Ben has a strong understanding of different cultures both in the workplace and socially.


Ben is an active angel investor in a number of early stage businesses and has a keen interest in social enterprise.

Currently working for Aviva where she invests in large scale infrastructure projects, Jolanta commenced her career in the field of immigration and integration of immigrants into their recipient societies. In this capacity she spent one year working with immigrant children, in particular the Roma, trying to find their footing within the UK society and education system. This resulted in a study and a thesis which she wrote on the exclusion of Roma children from the East European societies and their path to integration within the British society. Jolanta has also worked extensively on immigration and integration issues whilst in London at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Migration Policy Institute based in Washington D.C. upon completing MSc in Public Policy at University of Oxford. Although she currently works in the corporate world, her heart remains close to the subject of immigrant integration and in particular women into their working space, social circles and the wider British society. 

Asia Chabelska

Martin Underwood

Asia is a qualified financial analyst with 6 years of experience in the financial services industry. She holds CFA designation and Bachelors degrees in International Relations from Westminster University and Economics from University College London and is currently completing a Master degree in Finance at the London School of Economics.


Asia worked at Goldman Sachs and Standard and Poor's and more recently co-founded Hacking Happiness. Her  interests range from poetry and philosophy to current affairs and film. As an enthusiastic climber and traveller she organised and participated in many independent expeditions and climbing challenges on four continents.

Martin studied law at Oxford University then practised as a criminal law barrister, until he decided to find a more satisfying career.


He has since created two businesses and was a consultant to 10 organisations, big and small, at the intersection of careers, learning and technology. 


Most recently he was Head of Delivering Happiness at Raising IT and now splits his time between Career Consultancy for BPP, the leading education provider for the professions, and Life Productions that helps professionals find work they love through an online mentor-drive course.

Speaker Series

Our speakers like to call themselves ordinary people, like you and I, but we know that they do extraordinary things. They are individuals who overcame bias and made their international experiences play to their advantage. Their incredible personal and professional stories are filled with successes and failures, but above all they are driven by determination and hard work. During the sessions we will understand the "who, what, where and when" that helped them to change their lives, as we all know that success is rarely a solo effort.

Job Introductions 

A lack of relevant work experience from the UK is one of the biggest obstacles preventing skilled migrants from finding employment in their respective disciplines, fulfilling their professional ambitions and adequately contributing to the UK economy. Undertaking jobs not on par with their education or experience from their home countries creates a “professional career gap" which with time becomes a major deterrent for recruiters and hiring managers. By upskilling individuals and connecting talent with forward-thinking employers, we aim to overcome this market failure and provide our Onpartners with new opportunities.
Programme Timeline

2018 Flagship Programme Timeline 

Group Training in London
  • Job readiness and PM training

  • Facilitator-led face-to-face sessions

  • First training 2-days, thereafter 1 day

Microsoft Office Refresher
  • Self-led online course 

  • Practice exercises 

  • Completed at own convenience  

  • Personalised training and career planning 

  • 1.5 hours bi-weekly

The Flagship Programme participation fee is £500, payable prior to starting the programme. There are no extra charges applied during the programme. If you cannot afford to cover the fee at the beginning, it can be paid in 4 monthly instalments of £125. If you cannot pay the fee now, please apply anyway as we will take every case into account and try to offer financial aid in the form of a bursary and/or scholarship.
For further information please visit the FAQ.
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