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Network creates opportunities

Giedre Janonyte

Onpartu Cohort: 2016

Mentor: Natalia Garstecka

Education: Masters in International Business Economy

Before Onpartu...

A successful Financial Analyst in Lithuania, Giedre moved to London and could only find a role as a housekeeper. Giedre’s English was beginner’s, but over the two years in the position she also didn’t get a chance to improve it much. She remembers that she “felt frozen” and had “no time to grow”; not least, it was a hard job physically. That didn’t keep her from falling in love with London though...

Before coming across Onpartu, Giedre knew that she wanted change; to change into any other job where she could use and improve her English, as she didn’t feel good about living in the UK without that. She had also forgotten about her profession and degree she had gained from the best university in Lithuania. This is where Onpartu came in to remind her of her background.

Giedre describes the programme as a new beginning, a new start and hope. She says that it made her believe that even for a foreign-born person it’s really possible to find a job that you would like to do and that matches your skills and experience. She now believes that one can reach everything one wants.

For Giedre it was also important to have contact with people who had the same problems as her, such as lacking knowledge on how to improve their lives here and not being self-confident enough. She is now. In addition to hope, Giedre identifies the network and opportunities as key benefits and sees herself as more optimistic now.

Since Onpartu...

  • Job offer and to promotions

Whilst at Onpartu, Giedre shifted roles within her housekeeping company and started to work in a coffee shop. Through another Onpartner she got an offer in an office environment, but upon receiving it, her existing employer presented a second promotion as a way of keeping her and made her Assistant Manager. Giedre has since progressed to a Manager.

  • Professional comeback

Giedre sees herself using her Business and Financial skills again in her future. She sees many opportunities and after her recent engagement she started to explore options in Canada.


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