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A new approach. A new job

Klaudia Pietrusiewicz

Onpartu Cohort: 2015

Mentor: Paulina Polak

Education: Masters in Administration and Finance

Before Onpartu...

Klaudia has been a confident individual for as long as she can remember. This quality helped her when 11 years ago she took the step to move from Poland to the UK in order to change her life and try something new. Yet once it came to her career abroad, Klaudia did not have high expectations. Nor did she take job researching very seriously. Happy in her initial position as a barista for a while, she eventually began to feel underemployed.

Klaudia had studied Public Sector Administration and Finance in her home country and worked as an Accountant Assistant there, but it did not cross her mind that she could apply for a similar position once abroad. “What surprised me was that I couldn’t understand English people. I thought that I had studied and could speak the language, but unfortunately not.” Once she started thinking about changing her life, Klaudia did not have a clue how to go about it. Then, Onpartu appeared suddenly, and she thought that it was a sign.

Her decision to apply turned out to be crucial, as it was during the programme that Klaudia lost her barista job. “I was happy that I did, as Onpartu was there to give me the strength and motivation to find a new role,” she says. She had previously tried a similar online training programme, but it had left her disappointed.

Whilst with Onpartu, Klaudia became more familiar with networking and received pointers during practice conversations, which she found valuable. She describes her time with the programme as a challenge, but claims that she would not be where she is today without it.

Since Onpartu...

  • New job

Klaudia is proud of her new strategic approach to job searching, recalling that she started visiting agencies and set up a LinkedIn account, which led to her position with

  • Development

Klaudia loves working for, is keen to grow and progress internally as the company expands.


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