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A good job allows you to learn something new every day

Manuela Iovanel

Onpartu Cohort: 2016

Mentor: Natalia Garstecka

Education: Masters in Accountancy

Before Onpartu...

Despite six stable and successful years as a bookkeeper in her homeland Romania, Manuela's English was non-existent, as the subject had not been covered at school. However, that did not stop her from moving to the UK in 2007. She had a plan - hold a one-year nanny contract. It ended up lasting five extra years.

By 2016, now married and with a boy of her own, Manuela was craving for change and to gradually go back to what she had studied. Yet it was difficult to find a job here that she wished for. Always getting a negative response left her upset and disappointed, and it was slowly putting her down. This was the reason why she applied to Onpartu.

During the programme, Manuela found mock interviews helpful to overcome her fear of the process and to start trusting herself in it. She also really valued the network, which she found very difficult to have during the previous three years she spent as a stay-at-home mum.

Manuela completed Onpartu equipped with a new and improved CV, which she reorganised with the help of her mentor from three pages down to one, and which she is now more confident with and proud of. In three words, Onpartu for Manuela was “information, ideas, and optimism” and she would very strongly recommend the programme to others who want to change their work situation.

Since Onpartu...



  • Two job offers

Manuela received two job offers at the same time and one of them, after nine years and no luck finding a job in her field, was at last in bookkeeping.

  • Development

Manuela chose the second option in pharmacy, as it included studying and an opportunity to reach a managerial position, which she hopes to achieve. Manuela is happy with her choice and learning something new every day, which is exactly what she identified makes a good job for her.


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