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Onpartu is a six-month training and development programme for underemployed migrant women from Central and East European countries, aimed at helping them integrate in the UK job market and improve their possibilities of moving into employment that matches their skills and education level. It is innovative, fun, personalised and practice-based.


The programme consists of seven full days of face-to-face facilitator-led group training, self-led online training courses and individual support by a personal mentor, as well as social events and inspirational speakers. Successful candidates may also be offered a three-month full-time work placement after the first three months of the programme, subject to performance and availability. All candidates will receive additional monthly training and support throughout the programme.




What is Onpartu?

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"European migrants offer a lot to the UK economy, often filling roles in which there is a shortage of labour. However, many are terribly overqualified and experienced for the roles they 'land in' and therefore

underutilised. Social ventures like Onpartu provide a key service. Firstly, building the confidence of participants and secondly, providing opportunities through placements, to engage in work more suited to their skills, qualifications and experience."


Dr Neil Stott - Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

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